Jonathan Kiddle

Jonathan has worked in business analyst roles in the gas industry for nearly 10 years, for ES Pipelines and EDF Energy.

At EDF Energy, Jonathan was the Senior Gas Settlements Analyst, where he analysed the changes of project nexus, reviewed and implemented settlement of new trading contracts for large sites and carried out the monthly reconciliation between the purchase cost report and SAP finance system. Jonathan specified requirements and helped develop two new invoice validation systems: one to validate IGT invoices and the other to validate post nexus invoices. Jonathan also represented EDF energy at industry meetings including performance assurance, nexus and CSEPs, analysing on the impacts of modifications to settlements and the business and providing responses to consultations. Jonathan managed the resolution of all USRVs and is an expert in the CSEP reconciliation process.

For ES Pipelines, Jonathan optimised prices on new projects, dealt with shipper queries and carried out their Gas AQ Review. He also dealt with enquiries and transfers on domestic and industrial and commercial properties and attended industry meetings on behalf of the company. Jonathan was also involved in co-ordinating meter exchange and service alteration work.

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