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Energy & Utilities Information Services Bespoke Development

Our detailed technical understanding of industry arrangements and market data, underpin the development of high quality business systems. Our IS Practice has been supporting a central market body for over seven years, consistently delivering a first class service, enabling a more effective response to Stakeholders’ changing needs.

We have a 100% track record of on-time and on-budget delivery on over 40 projects since the formation of the IS Department in 2004. We offer bespoke development by developers who understand the energy & utilities industry business processes and rules intimately.

Our knowledge of utilities business rules, knowledge and data and our familiarity with the issues our clients encounter mean that we can help define the requirements for your bespoke development, and also accurately estimate the costs and timescales for development.

Engage has a portfolio of existing libraries and routines for common industry system requirements (such as loading DTN or High-Grade Link flows) speeding up our developments and keeping the costs down.

We also provide comprehensive maintenance and support services to complement our development services. We can support every aspect of the operation of our systems, 1st through 3rd line, from advice and guidance for the business users or assistance to internal IT teams, through to resolving issues with the environments or the software itself. Technical Consultants can meet with you to determine your requirements for a new or changed system(s). Using our suite of data loading and analysis tools, we can help you understand and make the most of your data. 

The services are provided via our own on-line Helpdesk system and are delivered to agreed, often stringent, SLAs. 


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