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Are your business operations on track?

Independent energy suppliers invariably have a strong vision and business strategy – to do things differently, provide excellent customer service, keep prices down, with high levels of automation and low cost to serve, and a novel USP to help stand out from the ever-increasing crowd.

But, operating in this complex industry can mean that Suppliers often face challenges that they didn’t anticipate. Some of these scenarios may sound familiar:

  • Your customer journey from sign up to first bill, that you thought would be seamless and automated now needs an army of un-budgeted resource to operate and still the hard-working teams are failing to keep pace with the exceptions in your processes 
  • You’re unsure (and more worryingly unaware) about the industry changes ahead and whether you are ready for them or when you need to be ready - DCC, Nexus and CMA remedies like the prepayment tariff cap
  • You have focussed so hard on processing new customers to get the numbers in, that some of the data management has been de-prioritised and now you have settlement challenges
  • You’re not sure your management information is correct because it conflicts with other data and you have data mismatches between your core system and other industry data
  • You have more customer contact than you expected and whilst you are managing to firefight, you don’t have the time or resources available to understand what is causing the excess customer contact
  • Your billing performance at first bill is not meeting your own KPI’s due to missing meter technical data or agreed read information
  • You have exceptions, or you think you have exceptions, but you don’t know which ones need to be worked urgently and which ones are just for information
  • You have a number of un-supported sub databases because core systems don’t deliver in all areas

Engage has experts that have a breadth of knowledge gained from experience in large and small suppliers and can provide practical help to assist with the challenges of delivering efficient and high quality customer service operations.

We can provide support on an interim or longer term basis, or even on a flexible call off basis. We can adapt to suit the needs of your business.