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Closing imbalance gaps and identifying unbilled revenue

Engage’s Revenue and Margin Assurance (RAMA) Service provides a fully managed, auditable service to identify the meter points that are making the most significant contribution to any financial imbalance. Using the data within the system you can perform root cause analysis, and then resolve the issues, closing the gap. Its reporting provides you with comprehensive Management Information at the portfolio level in addition to the meter level, covering the gross margin, costs and unbilled accounts.

Engage have conducted reviews of the RAMA issue for a number of clients in recent years, identifying tens of millions of pounds of unbilled revenue. The sum of this experience has been crystallised into a system-based approach that allows suppliers to continually monitor and resolve imbalance issues as part of business-as-usually activity. This coupled with our revenue assurance deep market expertise provides you with a robust platform to work from.

The imbalance gap between settlement and retail is a potential issue in every supplier business. Developing a RAMA solution requires in-depth business knowledge across all segments of the energy market within an Information Services team and significant investment in specifying, developing and testing a system.

Our IS staff are industry experts - we are familiar with the terminology, data and business processes of the industry within which both our systems and our customers interact. 

The Engage RAMA Service models settlement processes and analyses a supplier’s billing data to identify and prioritise discrepancies for investigation. Its workflow management features allow users to assign issues for operational follow-up and track their resolution as revised settlement and billing data comes in.

Using industry flows wherever possible and our own extract from Non-Half Hourly Data Aggregators (NHHDAs) means that the amount of bespoke work for any new implementation is minimised, reduced to the creation of extracts from a supplier’s billing and registration systems. The system is delivered to clients as a cloud-hosted, Software-as-a-Service solution, minimising up-front costs and lead time and allowing a straightforward implementation of an industry-strength solution that manages the RAMA issue on a day-to-day basis. 

Using Engage’s RAMA Service, a supplier can quickly realise the benefits of a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to what is both a sizeable and recurring issue for many in the industry, as well giving the supplier the necessary comprehensive MI to support its business activities in areas such as commercial, finance, and settlements.