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Ensuring business readiness for Smart Metering

The mass rollout of smart meters will present opportunities to improve operational performance, reduce operational costs, offer new customer propositions and ultimately grow your business’s profitability. However, it will pose new challenges in terms of rollout preparation, meter installation, additional regulatory obligations, changes to operational systems and processes, customer experience and increased innovation and competition. A number of business areas will need to be considered ahead of the rollout:

  • Preparing your business for the smart meter rollout will be particularly challenging as high levels of meter exchanges require high levels of data cleansing – customer, billing and metering data must accurate, aligned between all metering agents and up to date in advance of any exchange to ensure revenue is maximised and customer impact minimised.
  • Customer queries will become more technical and advice led and the smart meter exchange may itself result in an increased contact rate; 
  • Both smart and traditional meters must be managed in parallel frequently using the same systems and processes; and
  • Additional systems, market participants and gateways require more detailed portfolio management and reconciliation processes and controls.

However, the smart meter rollout also presents a number of opportunities:

  • By identifying which customers would most benefit from a smart meter, a rollout profile model can be developed to maximise customer retention;
  • New more efficient and effective organisation design opportunities; and
  • Clever use of smart metering consumption data can both optimise your business processes and also help your customers further understand their energy consumption, potentially increasing loyalty and product holding opportunities.

Engage can support your smart meter rollout preparation and planning. Our consultants have held senior roles in Suppliers’ Smart Metering Programmes, led Smart Metering Operational Teams and have also provided expertise into the development of the overall Smart Metering Implementation Programme. We can help you minimise the risks of the smart metering rollout, by providing:

  • Expert advice on how to identify billing and metering data quality issues ahead of smart meter installations; 
  • Expert advice on all elements of the smart metering rollout, including regulatory obligations and the Smart Energy Code, metering (including procurement and logistics), SMETS2, GBCS, communications technology, testing and technical assurance and processes; 
  • Education and training so that your team understand how the smart metering process and obligations will affect your business; 
  • Assistance in defining a robust operating model that exploits the smart metering technology and data to optimise your operational processes and customer experience. 
  • An assessment of how the smart meter roll-out will impact your business systems and processes and support with system and business process design.