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Entering a complex energy retail market

Understanding a new market, and gaining entry to it, is one of the key challenges for prospective entrants. In some cases, it has even become a barrier to entry.

We can help you understand, assess and conform to regulatory requirements for market entry, qualification and accreditation.

Our extensive expertise and experience in these areas means that our contribution will be of value to your organisation from the outset.

Our independent advice is coupled with our practical experience - our people are industry experts that have led operational implementation for new entrants, not consultants turning their hand to industry issues.

We have helped clients to manage the scope, specification, and delivery of the key systems, business processes and procedures required to enable them to gain approval to enter the retail supply market.

Making use of Engage’s experience in Market Entry requirements ensures that our clients have a head start in the development of the necessary data, processes and procedures, in order to gain Market Entry approval within a tight time schedule and are ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Activities undertaken in relation to new entrant support;

  • All necessary business processes and systems to support the Retail Design and Customer Journey;
  • System identification and selection
  • Organisational design and resource acquisition support
  • Industry agent and 3rd party supplier selection
  • Outsource partner identification and selection
  • Business solution testing and validation

There are a number of system service providers that will assist you in your entry to the market and you may have already started to work with one of them. Our Consultants can provide a complimentary advisory service to those providers to assist in operational readiness.