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Managing the huge volumes of NHH data exceptions

We can help you manage the sheer volume of D0095 exceptions with Engage’s proprietary Exception Plus system. Exception Plus (E+) is the market leading solution, covering more than half market by MPAN. E+ targets your operational resources to resolving only those exceptions that matter, prioritising issues and automatically determining the action to be taken.

Every electricity supplier has an obligation to resolve exceptions and also to achieve a target of 97% energy settled on Annualised Advances (AA) at Final Reconciliation. Significant numbers of NHH Exceptions are generated every day. Investigating them all would be extremely time-consuming, and manually determining which can be safely ignored and which should be prioritised is both labour-intensive and inherently risky. Resolution of issues is hindered by the limitations of the D0095 report itself.

Engage’s Exception Plus system uses two bespoke extracts from the NHHDA system. One, a “Super-D0095” provides all the additional information needed to filter and categorise the issues. The other provides the information to allows prioritisation of settlement dates approaching RF with no AA. These extracts are loaded and E+ automatically filters out all those exceptions that can be safely ignored, and determines the action to be performed for the remainder. A supplier can use E+ to improve its BSC/PAB performance and reduce its audit risk.