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Identifying Lost Revenue

Balancing the volume and cost components of customer billing, energy purchases and settlements is a significant challenge for all supply businesses. If costs get out of line with income, margins can be impacted significantly. This results in reduced profit and / or increased tariffs.

However, there is invariably an imbalance between income and costs, and the issues causing this are diverse and often quite complex. Furthermore, the scale of this imbalance is often not known.

At Engage we understand in detail the processes involved in supplier billing and settlement of wholesale energy and third party industry costs. This allows us to identify under billing of customers and overpayment of costs.

We identify these issues using our RAMA related tools and techniques, so that lost income, which often exceeds many £millions, can be recovered. We also identify the root cause of the issues we find, recommend cost effective solutions and recommend management reporting. This ensures that the on-going issue of the imbalance is reduced and that the scale of it is a key metric on the dashboard of the Finance Director.

This allows suppliers to increase their profits through recovery of lost revenue and optimised tariffs that result in increased customer acquisition and retention.