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Is your smart meter programme on track?

With the mass roll-out of smart meters imminent for all suppliers, are you confident that your smart meter programme and plans are on track?

Have you started the procurement process for a DCC Adapter, Metering Agents and Meter Asset Provider? Have you considered how smart meters will impact your business processes and systems? Are you prepared for Smart Prepayment? Or the customer journey and operating model required to meet the changing needs of your business?

Our smart metering experts can provide operational and project management support, to help you keep your smart metering implementation plans on track. We can:

  • Provide a full review of your smart meter roll-out programme, to help ensure readiness for the SMETS2 transition and help you maximise the benefits of smart metering to reduce the cost to serve.
  • Support your DCC SMETS1 enrolment and adoption process.
  • Support your SMETS2 procurement programme for smart meter installation, meter manufacturer and Meter Asset Provider (MAP) services.

Engage consultants are industry experts that can provide practical help to assist with the challenges of your smart meter programme. We can provide support on a flexible, interim or longer term basis to suit the needs of your business during this intense period of change.

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