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Managing iGT connected customers

We can support you with efficient end to end management of your iGT customers, as we have extensive experience of striking the right balance between profitability and customer satisfaction via your products and services. Engage assurance services have helped our clients improve their internal operational processes, increasing in-house knowledge and efficiency of stakeholder management; generating both short and long term advantages.

A gas supplier was suffering losses on iGT connected customers. They invited Engage to investigate the situation, review end-to-end processes, create a detailed report, and make recommendations and strategic advice for them in order to make this area of the business not just viable but profitable. We identified and contacted key stakeholders across the business, engaged with them through one to one discussions and a workshop. High level processes were mapped out including stress points, which were later broken down into great detail by our consultants.

Engage outlined and evaluated the weaknesses and risks underlying the processes in place at the time; made recommendations for change; ranked the recommendations based on financial benefit expected and complexity/urgency of implementation. The client trusted Engage to manage the project that put our advice into effect. The project achieved retrospective financial benefit and future cost avoidance measured in £millions, in addition delivering significant process improvement, and mitigation of compliance risks.

Applying the knowledge and practical expertise of Engage can deliver multiple benefits to your business. We can provide you with assurance services, process and system reviews, knowledge transfer and objective support in legislation related matters.