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Maximising benefits from a smart world

As the move to a fully smart world gathers pace, organisations can run the risk of being left without fully maximising benefits for them as developments intensify. We can help you to fully understand the smart metering and smart grid landscape because we have been at the heart of smart developments in GB since 2005. 

Engage have helped clients map the smart market environment to inform their market entry strategies, and to implement those strategies. We have worked with clients in many areas from energy suppliers and distributors, to technology and service providers. Using our skilled resource, in-depth knowledge and practical experience of smart metering markets and implementation projects, Engage can provide you with the thought leadership, analysis, and objective data you need to define and implement smart metering strategies. 

An electricity retailer wanted to evaluate approaches they might take to a large smart metering implementation. They asked Engage to create a strategy review, detailed report, business case, and cost benefit analysis for them to support plans for their full smart metering rollout using evidence from a small trial they had conducted. 

Engage considered 16 different implementation scenarios varied on meter manufacturer choices, roll-out duration, and assumed consumption reduction based on the availability and non-availability of in-home displays. We evaluated the scenarios against a number of stated customer objectives including:

Functionality needs such as ability to enable Load Control, and the need to obtain automated Meter Readings; and

Desired business outcomes such as the extent to which scenarios supported a reduction in customer complaints. 

Engage provided cost benefit analyses of each scenario, and clearly articulated the relative benefits and risks of each. Engage’s work formed a key input to the customers’ smart metering implementation strategy, which is now being implemented.