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Penetrating the GB smart market

As the smart metering and grids developments gather pace in GB, many global players, who are market leaders in their own markets, are faced with the challenge of penetrating a GB market that is different and complex. Engage can help you penetrate the GB market, using our end to end strategic advice service, which includes knowledge provision of the structure and framework of the GB market. 

Engage has helped its client’s identify potential opportunities for their business, the key players in GB and defined the approach required based on client expertise and experience in their own market and how this can be utilised in GB. Using our skilled resource, in-depth knowledge and practical experience of GB markets and European markets, Engage can provide you with the thought leadership, analysis, and objective data you need to define and implement strategies to penetrate new markets. 

A Global Technology Company was undertaking a strategic decision making process, concerning their penetration of various technology areas in UK, Germany, France and Italian markets. To facilitate this process they required a bespoke study, which included a market survey of UK, Germany, France and Italy to understand the drivers and incentives, developing infrastructures, consumer base and technology markets in energy, plus an analysis of the potential opportunities for them within those countries. 

Engage provided a detailed market intelligence report covering each of the four countries and technology areas, including Solar PV, Electric Vehicles, Demand Response, Virtual Power Plants, Time of Use Tariffs, Storage Battery’s and Home Energy Management Systems. Engage was able to provide detailed information on each of the technologies and make recommendations for opportunities to be explored further by the client.