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Readiness for industry & business change

Industry and business processes and systems are in a state of constant change. This means that it will be a key challenge at the forefront of organisations' thinking. In addition, organisations often run the risk of having a business model that is not sustainable or relevant to the current market. We can help you assess and ensure your readiness for industry and business change via our change readiness service. Because Engage has extensive expertise and experience in these areas, our contribution will be of value to your organisation from the outset.

Our service includes the provision of our organisational maturity assessment model and readiness checklist. We will also provide associated knowledge transfer so that you are fully informed of market developments. Using our skilled resource, in depth knowledge and practical experience, we were able to make number of recommendations, and offer strategic guidance to our client.

A Metering Services Company, heavily impacted by the government’s decision to mandate the rollout of smart meters in the UK asked Engage to assist them with their review of the Utility Services strategy within the metering services business. 

Engage built a comprehensive Market Intelligence Report to determine how best to develop the Smart Metering, Meter Operations and Meter Worker business. The client was able to use the report to inform their decision making process and develop the Utility Services Strategy.