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Realising the implications of Demand Side Response

Demand side response (DSR) is an important mechanism for managing the changing characteristics of the energy system. DSR can support security of supply and the shift to a low-carbon economy. DSR is also fundamental for network companies, in reducing the need to upgrade overloaded grid infrastructures and to accommodate the increasing share of renewables with their pronounced fluctuations.

Engage understand the importance of DSR within the energy industry and the challenges of attaining efficient and cost effective DSR mechanisms.

Engage were selected by a network operator to provide an assessment and analysis of demand side response market models that are applicable, and most likely to achieve success, in a specific sub-set of their operating region. Engage contributed specific skills and expertise to the project which included extensive experience of:

  • Energy regulation and markets; stakeholder engagement; DNO commercial operations; project management; business analysis; technical system analysis and design; consumer behaviour and segmentation; financial planning and cost benefit analysis experience; settlement system and process expertise.

The project was delivered by a team lead by Engage addressing:

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Facilitation with both internal and a wide range of external stakeholders;
  • Assessment and analysis of the risks, benefits, and barriers to a selected demand side response models applicable to the region in question;
  • Delivery of a set of process maps which enable delivery of the proposed DSR intervention including critical network operator processes and interactions with a number of external entities such as community groups, generators, and energy suppliers;
  • Providing input to commercial models which seek to set out the cost, incentive and commercial implications of the selected demand side response action.

Engage helped the customer understand and evaluate the impact of their proposed DSR intervention both now and for the future. The outputs produced by Engage included:

  • Organisation and delivery of stakeholder workshops;
  • Literature review of externally available research on various demand side response projects and studies;
  • Analysis and modelling of the commercial and cost implications of proposed demand side response models;
  • Design and definition of process and system changes required for implementation of a selected demand side response model.