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Realising value from databases

We can help you perform your own data analysis and reporting activities by providing SQL training for your analysts. Engage has helped clients respond to changing analysis requirements by providing our bespoke SQL training courses. These receive excellent feedback and enjoy repeat custom from all our clients. By training your staff with the skills they need to filter, correlate and process your industry datasets, Engage can help you realise its value.

Following a reorganisation, a major energy supplier needed its staff to be able to interrogate the data within their industry databases, with varying levels of existing ability, including some staff with no prior experience of working with databases or SQL, and varying levels of competency required for their new roles, the challenge was to train the teams together and with minimal disruption to their departments.

Engage ran its Standard SQL training course for all delegates.  The course completes in just two days and assumes no prior knowledge, but quickly gets to features that few delegates have a complete grasp of, and serves as an excellent refresher for those who haven’t used SQL for a while.

Those who required more in-depth training then attended a run of the Advanced SQL course, after a breathing period of a couple of weeks for the delegates to exercise their new skills in performing their duties.

Those on the advanced course returned with experience of implementing their newly trained skills from the Standard course, and used the opportunity to discuss varying approaches to complex tasks with the trainer and the other delegates, clarifying and cementing their new skills.

Some of the delegates on the Advanced course had had no prior knowledge of SQL before the Standard course some weeks before, and yet were able to build on their relatively new knowledge and acquire the needed levels of competence. 

Feedback from all delegates for both courses was very positive with all the various scores either “Excellent” or “Good”.