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Resolving Settlement data quality issues

Settlement data quality and resolving its issues places extensive burdens on supply businesses especially around ensuring that a robust exception management process is in place. We can help you resolve and address various Settlement and Data Quality issues because Engage understands the inherent weaknesses of the NHH settlements data and processes and the data quality issues it causes. 

We have established a successful data cleansing method that we have developed into a software product Exception Plus. Two major suppliers have already purchased the package and have installed, tested and accepted it into their live environments. Using our skilled resource, in-depth knowledge and practical experience of Settlement data and quality issues, Engage can provide you with the analysis, process improvement services, and system solutions such as Exception Plus to help deliver instant benefits to your business. 

A leading Energy Company was concerned that the revenue generated by its power stations may not be correct. This included payments for energy and ancillary services. They asked Engage to verify that the settlement parameters used for each power station was correct or sensible. This included examination of parameters such as Line Loss Factors, Transmission Zone and trading unit status. 

Engage developed process maps and descriptions of the existing processes and made recommendations for a power station settlement process including:

Data Capture

Timeline for undertaking reconciliation

Roles and responsibilities for energy settlements

Systems and data communication requirements

Process for replacing erroneous data

Process for raising industry disputes to correct data errors 

Engage provided an end-to-end view of the existing settlement process, where this was failing, the cost impact of failures, risks, and benefits of making improvements and how the processes could be improved.