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Transforming processes and systems

Market participants will have to undertake substantial process and system change projects in readiness for a smart world. We can help you ensure that your systems and business processes are ready for a smart world via an assessment of the current status and how that matches to the requirements of smart metering and smart grids. 

Engage has an in-depth understanding of smart metering developments, standards, technologies and commercial opportunities. We have helped our clients ensure methods, processes and systems are ready to receive the changes smart metering and smart grids will bring about. Whilst ensuring you remain fully compliant and fulfil industry obligations. 

A leading Communication Company was responding to an ITT request to provide data and communication services for prepayment customers to a large energy supplier for the duration of their smart metering trial. Engage was tasked in providing our client with a detailed insight to current prepayment processes and how these will need to be adapted in smart. 

Engage provided workshops with the client’s IT team who were responsible for the development of their systems, providing an end-to-end view of the current ‘dumb’ prepayment landscape and interfaces, current ‘smart’ prepayment capability, the foundation position and timescales for process and industry developments. The client was well informed on prepayment and in a position to respond to the ITT in full. Because of the workshops, gaps in the current system and processes were identified and the client was able to make provision for developing and improving these further.