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Understanding the implications of smart

The Government's smart metering roll-out programme involves extensive literature and requirements documentation which can hinder an organisation's ability to comprehensively digest it and move forward. Engage can help you to understand the impact of Smart Metering and Smart Grids and distil the programme's extensive literature and developments into summarised salient information from your organisation's perspective. We can also deliver recommendations for the way forward for you. 

Engage have helped clients map the smart market environment to inform their smart market strategies, and to implement those strategies. We have worked with clients in many areas from energy suppliers and distributors, to technology and service providers. Using our skilled resource, in-depth knowledge and practical experience of smart metering markets and implementation projects, Engage can provide you with the thought leadership, analysis, and objective data you need to define and implement smart metering strategies. 

A  Metering Services Company, heavily impacted by the Government’s decision to mandate the rollout of smart meters in the UK, asked Engage to perform an assessment of the Government’s response to the Smart Metering prospectus consultation and produce a paper for briefing the wider Executive team. 

Engage performed an analysis of the prospectus to assess the impact on the following: 

Traditional pedestrian meter readings

Existing data processing (DC and DA) activities

Dumb to smart meter installations

Other meter maintenance and non smart installations

We also assessed the proposal for the DCC to determine:

The competitive DCC procurement and licence award process

The process to establish a DCC organisation

The range of DCC services proposed

The procurement of service contracts

Explicit DCC inclusions and exclusions 

Engage produced a summary report that detailed our findings, which included specific impacts for our client's metering division. We also provided our own insight and interpretation of the government’s response to assist our client in making a valid assessment of the Smart Metering consultation.